the geoholics

Episode 051 - Ross Gerber & Topher Cochrane (Chasing Bubbles)

September 20, 2020

All we can say've been humbled again. If you've been listening to The Geoholics for a bit you know that we are total fanboys of the incredible documentary titled Chasing Bubbles. Well, we had the honor and privilege to be able to chat with two of the film's biggest stars...Ross Gerber & Topher Cochrane. Ross spent 6 months aboard Bubbles & Topher had the task of reviewing over 200 hours of video from what amounted to a 3-year long journey literally around the world. If you've watched it and even if you haven't yet, you will not want to miss this insightful and moving conversation. PJ talks about when we discovered Chasing Bubbles and how it motivated him to become a certified sailor. Huddy turns seven! DD accuses Stephen Gostkowski of being on the take. Please SUBSCRIBE to The Geoholics YouTube channel and be sure to support our Friends of the Program. Music for this episode by Talking Heads!

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