The Geoholics

Episode 097 - Rex Parry

September 12, 2021

Color us intrigued! After a well-deserved week off, we were joined this week my Mr. Rex Parry. Rex is a licensed title officer, general contractor, mortgage banker, host of the Business-to-Business radio show and passionate entrepreneur! His focus outside of his daily responsibilities is helping developing countries fight corruption and create collateral through cadastres and digital land survey records. It’s no secret that well-defined land rights are considered fundamental to growth for many reasons. Land, because of its fixed and immobile nature and the ease at which it can be transferred, is considered ideal collateral. In theory, better land rights and improved land titling should catalyze greater economic growth & stability. Most importantly, land surveyors are and have been an integral part of making this happen. BS & DD sing a duet, DD is tanner (maybe more tan?) than PJ and George Washington is quoted! Music for this episode by Chicago!!

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